PopUpHut – Escape To Your Tiny House

A PopUpHut is an eco-friendly, pre-built and Mobile Tiny House made from upcycled shipping containers that are redesigned with sustainable materials.

Imagine a space that is only a few feet away from your home yet feels a million miles away. A place that is filled with peace and light and where you can retreat to at any time of the day or night to truly put your feet up, sit back, relax and spend time meditating, painting or simply being yourself. Now imagine that place becoming a reality.

Here at PopupHuts, we are committed to helping you realise your dreams and offer a range of eco-friendly tiny houses so you can create the perfect outdoor sanctuary in the comfort of your own home. Not only are each of our tiny houses made from the highest quality materials, including upcycled shipping containers, but they also are easily transportable and energy efficient.

To help you escape to your tiny house, our team is on hand to assist you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have. Indeed, your convenience is our top priority.

Same House, Several Possibilities

We don’t think outside the box, we think of what we can do with the box.

PopUpHut Team
Shipping container home office design
Home Office
Sleeping bed in Tiny House
Guest Accommodation
Personal Tiny House gym
Gym/Yoga Room

A PopUpHut is the ultimate Tiny House. Whether you would like to use it as a yoga studio, home office, art studio, man cave, guest accommodation, personal gym or even a home cinema, the choice is yours. Indeed, tiny houses are highly versatile and come with insulation.

PopUpHuts also have a huge commercial appeal. Businesses are taking advantage of their mobility, square footage and ease of personalisation. They’re regularly used as offices, receptions, and visitor centres.

There’s also been a huge rise in shipping containers being used for retail and hospitality. With popup shops and cafes benefiting from the budget-friendly premises solution they offer.

This means that they can be used all year round, even in the colder winter months, so the list is truly endless. 

To see more pictures of PopUpHut, take a look at our Gallery.

Simple Setup.

Just Plug and Play!


PopUpHut container houses are eco-friendly and sustainable, as containers are re-purposed into homes instead of being melted down. PopUpHuts are designed to use as much natural material as possible in the construction process. Learn more.


Mobility is one of the keys to the success of PopUpHuts and it’s a vital reason behind the popularity of pre-built, ready-to-go container houses. They can be built off-site, then easily transported to wherever you need them. Learn more.


The containers are resistant to all natural disasters, including tornadoes, earthquakes, and even hurricanes. The Containers are the strongest structure available — stronger than wood, concrete, and even regular steel buildings.


A PopUpHut is the perfect business opportunity. Simply rent out the space to earn some extra income. Whether you decide to create a spare bedroom, yoga studio, or home gym, there are a plethora of ways to entice people to pay to use the space. Not only are the possibilities endless, but so is your earning potential.


Who says that a tiny pre-built space can’t be stylish and aesthetically pleasing? Our ready-made shipping container homes can give you a different perspective. From a private gym to an additional bedroom in the garden, our garden huts become an aesthetic space solely for you. We build these homes with good style in mind because a pleasant space also comes from comfortable, yet optimal designs.


Perhaps the best thing about having a PopUpHut is that it provides a space just for you. Whether you want somewhere to take a private work call or get your sweat on, a tiny house can be the perfect space to create that epic home office or gym you have always dreamt of having. Moreover, because the PopUpHuts is insulated, you will be able to use it all year round, regardless of whether it’s a guest bedroom, man cave or home cinema.

Learn more about PopUpHut specifications or simply contact us to discuss your requirements or if you did not find the answers you are looking for. We`d love to hear from you!


How long do the PopUpHuts take to set up?

Your PopUpHut will arrive fully built and ready for you to enjoy straightaway, with no installation required.

Do I need to prepare the ground for my PopUpHut?

A PopUpHut can be placed directly on the ground. We recommend either having the unit placed on a cement pad, concrete piers or simply blocking under the four corners. To find more information see our Transport and Installation page.

If you build with used containers, are there dents or imperfections?

Each container has had a previous life on the high seas and is well travelled. Just like laughter lines developing on human faces as we age, the containers pick up the odd dent and scrape along the way. Each container is unique, and these imperfections are visible on the pod but do not detract from its beauty.

Is a PopUpHut allowed on my land?

Usually your PopUpHut can be installed as an addition to your house and is exempt from planning permission. However, we will send technical information for your product – a document stating all the necessary data. You can easily compare them with the local standards. And please note that we are always here to help in case there is something that does not meet your local standards.

Where do you deliver to?

We can deliver your PopUpHut to all regions of Europe.

How Are PopUpHuts Insulated?

Our PopUpHuts are insulated using Polyurethane (PUR) foam. PUR foam has an extremely low thermal conductivity, thus eliminating air gaps or air transfer. This helps to keep your shipping container home warm during winter and cool during summer, allowing you to enjoy it in comfort all year round.

Have You Removed the plywood floor?

Yes, of course. We have completely removed the original plywood flooring and replaced it with new insulated flooring. In the standard specification oak flooring has been used as the covering material, providing you with the comfort, style, and strength that will last for generations.

Can I customize my PopUpHut?

Every PopUpHut has a fixed layout with a set palette of interior and exterior styling options. This allows us to provide you with a predictable build process and delivery time. However, all our designs can be customised/changed to suit your requirements. Just call or email us and share your design ideas with us. Learn more about PopUpHut specifications.