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Our eco-friendly Tiny Houses, made from upcycled shipping containers and sustainable materials, provide luxurious comfort and functionality while helping protect the environment for future generations.

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  • The standard tiny houses have a fixed layout with a set palette of interior and exterior styling options. This allows us to provide you with a predictable build process and delivery time.
  • Custom made: However, all our designs can be customised/changed to suit your requirements. Just call or email us and share your design ideas with us.


Bliss Hut 13,7m2


PopUpHut Bliss is the ultimate Tiny House. Bliss is equipped with a toilet and shower room, can be used as a tiny home, office, guest accommodation, etc.

Bliss Hut Mega


Bliss Mega Hut is perfect for a guest house, extra hotel room or just as your personal summer cabin. Bliss Mega is equipped with toilet and shower, aluminium-framed sliding doors and windows.

Studio Hut 13,4m2


A PopUpHut Studio Hut is great for home offices, yoga studio, personal Gym, man cave, extra bedroom, receptions, and visitor centres, etc.

Family Hut 26,7m2


If you need more space then our Family Hut is for you. The Family Hut is connected by two containers that provide enough space to use it for a country house or even for everyday living. Family Hut is equipped with bathroom.

Studio Hut Hansa 13,7m2


Studio Hut Hansa is perfect for a home office, yoga studio, personal gym, extra bedroom, receptions, visitor centres, pop-up shops and cafes, guest accommodation etc. Studio Hytte Hansa is delivered 100% ready for use.

Sauna Hut 13,7m2

from €29900.-*

Sauna Hut is delivered 100% ready-to-use, just plug in and take a sauna on the same day as delivery.  No construction work. Complete interior and exterior decoration

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