Bliss Hut Mega

Bliss Mega Hut is perfect for a guest house, extra hotel room or just as your personal summer cabin. Bliss Mega is equipped with toilet and shower, aluminium-framed sliding doors and windows.

*The price is exclusive of VAT. Price does not include transportation


  • Plug and Play!
  • Insulation
  • Spruce tree interior and exterior cladding
  • Fully equipped Bathroom
  • Ready Kitchen connections.
  • Black Aluminium-framed door and windows
  • Oak tree flooring
  • LED lights
  • Exterior Window Films


  • Kitchen – From € 2040 *
  • Terrace module – € 350 one module *
  • Air Conditioner 2,5KW € 840 *

House plan

Top View


Standard specification

Scandinavian spruce.  The colour of the cladding can be changed by client.

Exterior and Interior cladding

Black PVC-framed door and window. U= 0,8-1,2 W/ m2K


The container’s original floor has been removed and replaced with new insulated flooring. Oak tree flooring has been used as the floor covering material, providing you with comfort, style and strength that will last for generations.
In SAUNA Hut we use LVT as a flooring.


Floor heating – floor heating cable 10W/m2, 1300W
Thermostat – Digital floor and room thermostat Heber HT125 3600W 16A

Floor heating

Incoming air by natural air vent TL98F and + one electrical fan S&P Silent 100


Sprayable closed cell PUR foam has been used as the insulation material. PUR foam essentially eliminates any air gaps or air transfer. This keeps your PopUpHut cool in the summer and warm in the winter without hurting your wallet. The roof is insulated with a 150 mm layer on the inside; the walls are insulated inside with a 50 mm layer and the floor insulation is 100 mm. Floor U= 0,19W/mK, Wall U= 0,30W/mK and Roof U= 0,17W/mK. The roof is insulated with a 120 mm layer on the inside, U= 0,17W/mK; the walls are insulated inside with a 50 mm layer, U= 0,30W/mK and the floor insulation is 100 mm, U= 0,19W/mK.


LED ceiling lights throughout the whole house. One exterior light,exterior socket, interior sockets.

Lighting and sockets

Metallised solar control film for exterior application. It has a durable scratch-resistant coating and a weather-resistant acrylic adhesive. Solar control film helps to reduce the heat inside your house.

Exterior Window Film

Bathroom product specification
in Bliss, Mega and Family Hut

Washbasin and wall-hang WC

Gustavsberg Nautic basin 40×27.5 cm and Grohe wall frame with WC

Bliss Hut Mega

Washbasin and shower mixer

Chrome washbasin and shower faucet.

Bliss Hut Mega

Shower corner wall

Surface is stainless steel Design profile Design Venice 10.

Bliss Hut Mega

Water heater

Regent 30L boiler, 1200W

Bliss Hut Mega

Bathroom flooring

Mosaik tiles 10x10x0,67cm. The colour of the tiles can be changed by client.

Bliss Hut Mega

Terrace module

€ 350* one module

*The price is exclusive of VAT.

The terrace consists of a 1.8x2m module. To cover the front of the house you’ll need three modules.

Air Conditioner
Mitsubishi 2,5kW

€ 840*

*The price is exclusive of VAT.

The price includes the assembly of the indoor unit. The assembly of the outdoor unit should be outsourced by the customer.


From € 2040

*The price is exclusive of VAT.

Kitchen is 140 cm wide and includes base cabinet with drawers, base cabinet for single bowl sink, integrated fridge and three wall cabinets.Electrolux 30 cm Built-in Black Glass Kitchen Electric hob.

Coloured Mixers in Bathroom

additional €135*

*The price is exclusive of VAT.

Brushed Gold or black shower-and washbasin mixers.

Additional information

Each year, thousands of tonnes of steel is wasted globally on single use shipping containers. We have found a way to repurpose them by transforming them into fabulous tiny houses. This gives the container a whole new lease of life and reduces waste. Any steel that we cut out to make holes for doors and windows gets sent for recycling. Each container has had a previous life on the high seas and is well travelled. Just like laughter lines developing on human faces as we age, the containers pick up the odd dent and scrape along the way. Each container is unique, and these imperfections are visible on the pod but do not detract from its beauty.

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A PopUpHut is an eco-friendly, pre-built and mobile tiny house made from natural materials, they’re insulated, resilient, multi-functional, and in soaring demand.

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Bliss Hut Mega