Why and How Shipping Container Houses are Environmentally-Friendly?

The home is where your heart is and there’s nothing that spells home like a space you can call your own. However, when you think about building a home, the most obvious thought in mind is a house or an apartment.

You might also start thinking of a house lot that serves as the land your home stands in. Don’t limit yourself. There are so many options to build your house. Have you ever thought of shipping containers transforming beautifully into your home?

Every year, many shipping containers get thrown out for disposal. Shipping containers are already home for a long time, but they house things for transportation. Making these containers home for people became apparent much later.

Transforming shipping containers as a house proved to be very beneficial. From a simple storage container, shipping containers became modern innovations for people building homes and private spaces.

What is a shipping container house?

A shipping container house is a living space made from shipping containers. Imagine your standard home, with the most basic and necessary parts, made compact into liveable spaces from an empty crate. These shipping containers range from 8 by 8.5 by 20 feet and 8 by 8.5 by 40 feet. The sizes are from ISO, meaning these container sizes are present everywhere.

Architects and builders have become adaptive in building homes out of these containers. From sealed containment units that transport goods, you can modify these containers easily. Shipping containers are steel materials which are sheets that you can work with smoothly.

Start your new home with a single shipping container. Many professionals build freight container homes that are instantly ready for use. We are a professional team who can build and transport your shipping container house.

Here at PopUpHuts, we support efforts to help the environment by upcycling old shipping containers. The huts you get from us are immediately ready for use, with no installation necessary. It’s as easy as plug and use, where we bring to you a pre-built hut and you can enjoy your own space the next.

The environmentally-friendly choice

Oftentimes, when people choose to build their homes, environmental impact is not on the top list of priorities. It starts with design and location and moves on to the pricing and costs. You’ll also consider the more technical aspects of your house like color and style.

When builders build your home, they need to source and buy materials. Suboptimal use of these resources leads to a lot of waste and unnecessary debris. A home built from a shipping container is slightly different in many ways.

Reasons an upcycled shipping container house helps the environment

You can always choose to do recycling in a common house. Why is a shipping container home an environmentally friendly option as compared to building homes the traditional way? There are two reasons:

First, you lessen the number of shipping containers for disposal when you choose to reuse one. This is upcycling in the foundation of your life which is your home.

Reprocessing or melting a used shipping container requires at least 8,000 kWh of energy—an awful lot of energy to spend on making a metal hulk useful to society once again.

Modification doesn’t require as much energy as reprocessing. In fact, the average amount of energy a builder might expend in transforming a shipping container into a suitable home is only 400 kWh—7,600 kWh less than any typical remanufacture.

In the early periods of 2020, during the early stages of the Coronavirus, sea trade activity dropped. Nevertheless, by the third quarter, the number of containers started to recover from its 27% drop. Companies will use more shipping containers with recovering numbers.

Second, using upcycled shipping containers is a solution to a resource problem. Instead of leaving an old container unit for eventual disposal, building it into a home serves as a repurpose of otherwise usable material.

You mitigate the necessity to buy new construction materials in building a home from scratch. You lessen the waste associated with shipping containers. The amount of construction waste is expected to double by 2025 to 2.2 billion tonnes. A shipping container house is an alternative to make sure that we don’t contribute to that waste volume.

Since repurposing a shipping container does not entail use of extraneous energy or building materials, like cement and bricks, it is tagged as eco-friendly by most environmentally conscious organisations worldwide. The cement industry is one of the biggest producers of CO2.

Ways to make a shipping container home more friendly to the environment

Sustainability doesn’t just stop within a house and lot. There are also a lot of ways to make your home more sustainable. It’s not different if you build your home from recycled shipping containers.

First, you can modify this kind of home to become more sustainable. You can also add some things in your shipping container house that you think might be only suitable for most houses.

You can put a waste compost system, solar panels, and smart gadgets. This type of home can also help with the drastic effects on the environment. It’s not limited just because you have space with a fixed size and build.

Second, freight container house units need less energy to function. Being a smaller space means less energy is necessary for the house to function. This considers that you will use electricity properly and you will do your best to manage and use your electricity.

Investing in good insulation can get you a long way in terms of power bills. You can optimize heating and cooling costs associated with your daily hut life.

When there’s an available resource such as shipping containers, keeping them out of waste prolongs their use. As crates are durable, it takes a lot of energy, time, and effort to process the metal into another resource. You can already use the shipping container as is with the refurbishments and proper changes.

Here at PopUpHuts.com, we offer you ready-made homes that are as good as your comfort zones the moment you get them. Whoever said that it takes months to get a comfortable place is wrong. We bring you a tiny house and all you need to do is wait for us to deliver it to your area.

Benefits of a shipping house container

The environmental benefits of a home built from a shipping container are already evident. Still, do you know more benefits are not limited to good effects on the environment? This type of living space has more to offer than you can think of.


Since the freight container is already built beforehand, naturally, it takes less time to build a garden pod that you can call home. Building a house brick-by-brick means starting from scratch; resulting in more time and labor required.

When you have a crate, you have a workable slate that you need to design. The time is even less when you have efficient and knowledgeable professionals like us that have units that are already ready for use.


You can design and build your future home into a portable living space. With a normal home that you build on a lot, the house stays put. There’s no way you can move it around because its foundations are set in place. That’s not the case for freight container homes.

The original purpose of these crates is to provide portable storage that doesn’t require loading and unloading. The modular structure of the shipping container was designed to be movable. We offer convenient tiny homes that come from recyclable shipping containers ready for transport at any time.

Cozy space

If you value a compact and cozy space, the shipping container home is a very suitable option for you. You have everything in one place.

Common areas and amenities are accessible to one another. Inside a crate, you have a world of your own. Whether it’s your own private office or a room in the middle of the yard, our huts can guarantee a cozy space for you.

Strong structure

You might worry about the strength of the crate since it’s made of steel. Fortunately, the material of freight containers is very durable.

You don’t have to worry about a little kick giving the steel a dent. It’s not a thin flimsy sheet that deforms upon force and contact. Shipping crates are built to last since they were originally intended as sturdy containers for goods traveling via sea.

Movement is endless. External conditions are always present. Don’t worry; our container homes are also resistant to weather conditions. We make sure our huts are built to last.

Design and style

Who says that a tiny pre-built space can’t be stylish and aesthetic? Our ready-made shipping crate homes can give you a different perspective. From a private gym to an additional bedroom in the garden, our garden huts become an aesthetic space solely for you. We build these homes with good style in mind because good space also comes from comfortable, yet optimal designs.

Get ready for your own PopUp Hut!

Building a new home is a big decision you need to make. You can’t rush it overnight or decide on it half-heartedly. It takes work and patience to start the journey of making your residential dreams a reality.

What better way can you do this by trusting professionals who transform crates into a dream garden hut! PopUpHuts.com gives you small homes that can take the home experience to a different level.

From space-saving home solutions to energy-efficient freight homes, you can’t run out of ways on how you can have a sustainable space. You can begin by choosing recycled shipping containers with us.

You might not think about the positive effects of choosing a recycled container as a home. The benefit is not always something you can feel or see directly. We assure you, with every small initiative to choose recycled materials or reuse resources; you are helping everybody in the world.

We put our expertise and dedication into giving you livable spaces that were once shipping containers with a different use. You can barely feel or see the old condition of used shipping crates from the homes we create. All you need to do is wait out as we transport the unit into your area. It’s as easy as order, transport and ready-for-immediate-use.

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