Are You Ready to Join the Upcycling Movement?

Fun, creative and great for the environment, upcycling is really taking off. You don’t need a budget, it sparks your creativity and the whole family can get involved. But what exactly is upcycling, and how can you get started? Upcycling is a creative way of reusing things, bringing them back to life and transforming them. […]

Shipping Container Homes: The Perfect Tiny Houses

Upcycled shipping containers are great for creating new space to work and relax in, plus they’re cost-effective and hassle-free. But are these innovative tiny houses right for you? More and more people are investigating innovative and eco-friendly ways to live, work and relax. And because of this, the shipping container movement is becoming increasingly popular […]

Why and How Shipping Container Houses are Environmentally-Friendly?

The home is where your heart is and there’s nothing that spells home like a space you can call your own. However, when you think about building a home, the most obvious thought in mind is a house or an apartment. You might also start thinking of a house lot that serves as the land […]

The top 5 reasons why you need a garden pod in 2024

Are you sick of being crammed inside your home trying to eat, sleep and work all in the same space? Do you yearn to create a space that is truly yours where you can stretch out on your yoga matt and let yourself just be in nature? If so, then a garden pod may just […]